Thanks for your participation at ISACON 2019 Bengaluru | E-Certificate link will be sent to your registered email address within 3 to 5 working days      |      Thanks for your participation at ISACON 2019 Bengaluru | E-Certificate link will be sent to your registered email address within 3 to 5 working days

Guidelines For Presenter :

E-Paper Schedule :

E-Poster Schedule :

Award Paper Schedule :

Platform Paper Schedule :

How to Submit Abstracts

Abstracts Submission

General Guidelines
(*Please read these guidelines carefully before Submitting the abstract)

  1. ISA membership is mandatory for any type of participation in ISACON including award paper, Free platform Paper/ e paper Presentation, Poster Presentation etc. ISA number should be quoted before submitting the abstract.
    Note: It will take minimum 3 days to get membership after applying online.
    Please apply well in advance if you want to get concession in Registration fee and also wish to participate in any of the above.
  2. Registration for ISACON 2019 is a prerequisite for any presentation.
  3. Eligibility-
    • All valid members of ISA of all age groups can participate.
    • Only one abstract is allowed per delegate
    • The abstract must be original and should not be published or presented elsewhere earlier.
  4. There are 3 modes of presentation: Oral Free Paper, Oral E-Paper and E-Poster. Please indicate whether the abstracts submitted shall be for oral or e poster presentation.
  5. All the abstracts will be peer reviewed and the final decision to allocate an abstract to any type of presentation rests with the Scientific Committee.
  6. Papers are categorized into 3 groups based on designation of main presenter into:
    • Post graduates.
    • Teaching faculty (Senior residents/ Asst Prof/ Assoc Prof/ Prof)
    • Consultants/ Private practitioners.
  7. Please indicate the designation during submission of abstract.
  8. Notifications regarding submission will be sent to corresponding author immediately after submission.
  9. However, acceptance will be notified only after peer review and revision, with in 3 weeks of submission. Rights of acceptance/ rejection rests with the scientific committee and it is final.
  10. Last date for submission of abstract is 15 October 2019
  11. The authors can modify their abstract till last date and beyond this, no modifications in abstract will be allowed.
  12. The authors may opt to apply for various award sessions if interested, but final decision rests with organizing committee regarding final selection based on peer review.
  13. A maximum 4 Authors only is allowed for each abstract (including the presenting author) and if there are more than 4 authors, only the names of first 4 authors will be published and remaining names will be automatically eliminated.
  14. Abstracts to be submitted online at
  15. All submissions are online through website only, submission of offline soft copy/ submission by mail or hard copy submissions are not accepted under any circumstance.
  16. Presentation of paper/ e-poster is by the first author only. 2 or 3 author will be allowed to present only under extra ordinary circumstances, with prior permission of the organizing scientific committee chairperson.
  17. The presenting author’s name must be highlighted and the presenting author’s full name, institution, address for communication, phone number and email address must be provided. Email address is mandatory as all further communications will be done via email.
  18. Abstracts stating "data will be discussed in presentation" will not be accepted.
  19. Abstracts will be published in the official publication of ISACON 2019 and a copy of the Declaration of consent for publication should be signed and sent with the abstract.
  20. The presenting author is required to ensure that all co authors are aware of the contents of the abstract before submission.
  21. The abstracts submitted will be sent for peer review. Such abstracts requiring corrections as per peer reviewers comment should be revised and resubmitted within 5-7 days failing which the abstracts will be rejected. All revised papers should submit through the 'submit Revised Paper' button.
  22. Click here to download the Copyright Form (*Mandatory for Abstract Submission)

Awards for Presentation:

  1. Dr KOP’s award:

    Dr KOP’s award will be given for research work under various categories (mentioned below). It can include any form of Clinical, Experimental, Descriptive and Interventional or Cohort studies. Award will be given to the best scientific paper presented for the respective speciality chapter at the ISACON 2019 on 29 November 2019. There will be a total 8 awards, one for each subspeciality.

    1. Cardiac anaesthesia
    2. Neuro anaesthesia
    3. Obstetric anaesthesia
    4. Pain
    5. Practitioner’s forum
    6. Clinical Pharmacology
    7. Trauma and critical care
    8. Paediatric and neonatal anaesthesia including neonatal intensive care
    9. Selection based on novelty/ art of presentation / methodology / work presented / interaction / time control. The abstract submitted for DR.KOP’S award should not be submitted to any other presentation or e-poster.
  2. ISACON Jaipur award:
    ISACON Jaipur award is for the best paper under the categories,
    1. Ambulatory/ Day care
    2. Acute/ perioperative Pain
    3. Difficult airway
    4. Prizes will be awarded separately for each category. Papers submitted for this award will not be considered for any other award categories. Selection based on novelty/ art of presentation / methodology / work presented / interaction / time control.
  3. Ish Narani best poster award:

    Ish Narani best poster award is given to the 3 best posters presented during the conference.

  4. Rukmini Pandit award:
    For the best fully written article among KOPS award finalists.
  5. TN Jha & Chansoria travel grant award and ISA Ludhiana award for best paper and e poster among the best papers and e posters of state conferences.

Guidelines for Platform / E-Paper Presentation:

  1. Stipulated time for paper presentation is 6 min + 2 min (discussion) for free papers and e papers, 7 min + 2 min(discussion) for award category papers.
  2. Title slide should contain ISA logo apart from their institutional logo (preferably at right upper corner), the title and the names of all authors mentioned in abstract.
  3. Presentation must include the major headings – Introduction, Methods, Statistical analysis, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References.
  4. Introduction – mention about need for study, aims & objectives, lacunae in existing literature.
  5. Methods – mention type and design of study, study location and population, ethics clearance, clinical trial registration number if any, inclusion and exclusion criteria, blinding, randomization, sample size estimation, methodology proper with parameters studied and statistical details.
  6. Results – details of demographics, primary and secondary outcome measures, safety profile details, with use of suitable illustrations.
  7. Discussion – include inferences from results (not repitition of values), confounding variables, comparison with previous literature, limitations and future scope.
  8. Conlcusion – to be precise and focussed on primary aim of the study. (Do not mention limitations, future scope In or after conclusion slide)
  9. References: only pertinent references to be added.

Guidelines for E-Poster Preparation and Presentation:

  1. Stipulated time for e poster presentation is 3 min + 2 min (discussion).
  2. The format upon which the poster has to be prepared is given below:

ISACON LOGOTitle (research paper)Institute Logo
Authors, Name of Institution ID / Hall / Date from Organizing Committee
Introduction Table / graph /images / illustrations / Videos
Methods Discussion
Results Conclusion
References (not > 4)

ISACON LOGO Title (case report) Institute Logo
Authors, Name of Institution ID / Hall / Date from Organizing Committee
Introduction Images / illustrations / Videos
Case Report Discussion
References (not > 4)

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